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Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ)

Zimbabwe has enacted the Engineering Council Act, 2007 which provides for the establishment of the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ) which shall be responsible for the registration of engineers and engineering technicians and regulation of their practice in Zimbabwe. The Council would also issue practising certificates for registered engineers and technicians and has powers to caution, fine, suspend or strike off engineers for improper or disgraceful conduct or for gross incompetence. The Act also provides for criminal sanctions for unregistered persons who attempt to practice without supervision of a registered person. The Act has also amended the existing Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (Private) Act [Chapter 27:16].

The ECZ Council has 13 members and 6 alternates appointed by the Minister of Public Works (or any other Minister to whom the President may from time to time assign the administration of this Act).

To be registered you have to be a member of a constituent body and ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe. Temporary registration for a maximum of 12 months is available for those who satisfy the qualification criteria but are not ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe. To register you apply through a constituent body and pay an application fee. The constituent body will then forward your application to the ECZ Council. ZIE is currently the only constituent body of the ECZ. Other engineering bodies are eligible to be constituent bodies provided they get ministerial approval.

A Practising Certificate is issued after payment of an application fee to a registered person who is a member of a constituent body. It

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